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Proud son of the Heaven for his time

    Genghis Khan (1162-1227), born Temujin, came from a Mongolian noble family. He was born in the era when various nobles of the Mongolian plateau were fighting fiercely for assets and slaves. When Temujin was nine years old, his father Yesugai was poisoned by enemies and died. In extremely hard conditions, Temujin suffered humiliation and invigorated his family. In 1189, 28-year-old Temujin was chosen as the leader of Qiyanshi Noble League of Inner Mongolia and proclaimed himself Khan. He then unified all the nations of the plateau by destroying his enemies one by one with great wisdom and braveness in more ten years of war. In 1206, when Temujin was 34 years old, he ascended to the throne of Khan with the title of Genghis and established the Grand Mongolian Kingdom.
    After Genghis Khan ascended to the throne, he reformed the old systems and unified the various tribes under the feudal military empire——the Grand Mongolian Kingdom, and started to form a common Mongolian nation. He became the hero of the Mongolian nation.
    After the Grand Mongolian Kingdom was established, he devoted himself to a continuous war of conquest. With great strategy and foresight, he took advantages of the contradictions of various kingdoms on the central plain, destroyed the Song Dynasty and Jin Kingdom, ended the division that had long existed since the rebellion of An Lushan and Shi Siming in the Tang Dynasty and laid the foundations for the establishment of the Yuan Dynasty and the unification of the whole country.

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